Good Food Awards

Young adults over 13 years are very welcome to join the family for a food bookings. Younger children are not permitted.

It’s been hectic the past year with various events and the general running of the business. Please excuse our lack of posts. We had some great news earlier this year. We had been selected to be one of the Good Food Awards winners for 2016. We have also just been informed that we have been selected for the 2017 awards. Another amazing achievement for the team here.

Following information is taken from the Good Food Awards website.

Formed in 2002 the Good Food Awards were established to provide a unified Award system throughout the United Kingdom representing Good Food.  The Good Food Awards covers a variety of foods premises. From your local takeaway to fine dining and signifies the best in their class.  They use thousands of food reviewers and compile feedback each year. This helps to devise a score which they call a policy scorecard.  Using statistical modelling we then form a type of league table by Category and the very best, and only the very best, are invited to appear in the Awards programme.


The Brit Pub serves varied selection of food. One of the main things we wanted to do here was to serve food that was all home cooked. It would be cheaper and more convenient to buy food that has already been prepared by someone else and simply warm it up. But we don’t feel we would be giving our customers the same quality. We know everything that goes into one of our meals. No chemicals are used to preserve and everything is fresh. We believe that our customers can taste this quality when they dine with us.

Delicious hearty food served from happy welcoming staff. We are proud that our hard work is paying off and we have been recognised in this way by the Good Food Awards agency.

A big thank you to all our staff who have played a huge part in every success we have.


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